Before and After Crocheting Afro Dreads

Afro Dreads – Crochet thin spots and stop dreads from falling off!

Many African Americans and South Africans with Dreadlocks in the United States struggle to find a professional with the proper experience to crochet their Afro Dreads properly. Often times they end up going to a salon to get them retwisted or interlocked. Allowing these salons to use those methods usually leads to your dreadlocks thinning at the base and eventually breaking off!

If you have Afro Dreads and you’re seeking a Professional Loctician to properly crochet your Afro Dreads for maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. That’s our specialty!

Before and After our Dreadlock Repair session with a new client. We re-attached her dreadlocks, created whole new sections, and thickened up many weak spots she had.
From thinned out locs that were falling off to strong healthy Afro Dreads!

Crocheting Afro Dreadlocks


Crocheting Dreadlocks is a method that uses a very, very small crochet hook to install or maintain dreadlocks. This method is not to be confused with latch hooking, which is a common misunderstanding between Salons and their clients. Based on our experience we strongly believe that the crochet method is by far the best method to use for Afro Dreads. This method is often safer and there is no need for products whereas other methods can easily lead to damage.

We Crochet Afro Dreads!

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Most salons don’t know how to crochet Afro Dreads

South African clients come to us with almost the same story every time. It usually goes like this:

I started my dreadlocks with the crochet method in South Africa. I moved to America and couldn’t find anyone to crochet my dreadlocks. I had such a hard time finding someone to crochet so I let a salon interlock and/or twist my dreadlocks and I was very disappointed with the results! My dreads started thinning at the base from twisting, some even fell off – or – I have big knots from interlocking instead of the normal smooth dreadlocks from crocheting.

We hear these stories all too often. It’s usually a result of salons that don’t offer the crochet method or they offer latch hooking as an alternative. Which leads me to my next point:

Afro Dreads Crocheted and Repaired by DreadlockCentral.com
Afro Dreads Crocheted and Repaired by DreadlockCentral.com

Be Warned! There is a big difference between the Crochet Hook and Latch Hooking


Latch Hooking isn’t the same method as Crocheting!

Many salons consider interlocking (otherwise known as latchooking/rootflipping) no different from crocheting dreads! But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason salons mix up this term is on the grounds that the latch crochet hook is viewed the same as a crochet hook, however these techniques are completely unique from each other.

Avoid letting a salon “Crochet your locs”, regardless of how confident they appear to be. Even if you show them a video of the technique and you describe what you’re looking for in great detail, they’ll often try to talk you into interlocking/latch hooking or twisting because they probably don’t know how to crochet properly.

Crocheting Afro Dreads is an extremely refined skill set that takes months to develop and years to completely master. Therefore, if a salon has never crocheted Dreadlocks yet they say they can handle it, I would suggest running the other way!

This miscommunication, or over-confidence from the salon, usually leads to having major issues with your dreadlocks later on!

Afro Dreadlocks thinning and falling off from twisting?


We’ve had our fair share of clients who experienced drastic thinning at the base of their dreadlocks from twisting their dreadlocks. This thinning has also resulted in their dreadlocks completely falling out, leaving the client stressed out and ready to give up on their dreadlocks.

The upside is that thinning issues are usually fixable, especially with Afro textured hair. Kinky hair is easier to repair with the crochet method compared to all other hair types. The before and after photo below shows how thinned dreadlocks, or even dreadlocks that have fallen off, can be completely restored with the crochet method and some additional Afro hair to add strength!

Thinning caused by twisting and interlocking Freeform Afro Dreads
Thinning caused by twisting and interlocking Freeform Afro Dreads

Afro Dreads with big “Knots” from interlocking?


In addition to the problem of dreadlocks thinning out with the twisting method, we’ve also seen issues with interlocking.

When Salons interlock dreadlocks that have previously been crocheted it tends to create a “big knot” effect in the dreadlock. Not only does this look bad to most South Africans, but it can also lead to the dreadlock breaking off.

When the interlocking method is done to your locks it does not form a true dreadlock. Instead it forms a “big knot”, or a braid which actually prevents your hair from forming the knots required for a true healthy dreadlock. Therefore, instead of having many tiny loops and knots, you are left with one big knot. This big knot results in a part of your dreadlock that is more flexible than the rest, and since it’s more flexible it will move more easily than the rest of your dreadlock. All of this movement leads to the hair bending at the same spot which can lead to breakage of the hair.

Over time, if your hair is damaged from excessive movement it may break off at that point!


In addition to breakage you may also experience shampoo residue buildup at the point of interlocking, which will further contribute to preventing the hair from locking up properly.

If I can’t trust a salon with my Afro Dreads, what should I do?


The solution is to seek out a professional who SPECIALIZES in crocheting dreadlocks.

We are one of a small set of professionals across the United States that offer the crochet method as their primary method for dreadlock maintenance.

We ONLY offer the crochet method, we do not use any other method for dreadlock maintenance. With that being said you can read our Service Page and fill out our form at the bottom to request an appointment with us. Get started here!


Many of our happiest clients include South Africans with crocheted dreadlocks!

South African Dreadlocks are my personal favorite dreadlocks to work with. The tight kinkiness of the hair works so well with our crochet methods. It is also very easy to find bulk hair to match if we ever need to strengthen or re-attach Afro Dreadlocks.

We love our South African clients and hope to prevent future problems caused by salons by offering our crochet services to Africans with Dreadlocks!

Siyanda's South African Dreadlocks Before and After Crochet Maintenance
Siyanda's South African Dreadlocks Before and After Crochet Maintenance

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