Atlanta Booking Policy

*as of June 15th, 2022


Our next Atlanta tour will be July 15th – August 15th. With some flexibility to expand into later August dates if necessary.

We do not serve Atlanta full time. Colby will be gathering dates to book based on your location. In order to make our trips efficient we must group cities and neighborhoods together. For example all Marietta clients will be grouped together, all Decatur clients will be grouped together, etc. So please be flexible so we can group cities and keep our route efficient.

If you are traveling into the Atlanta area we need to know the city/neighborhood you’ll be staying at BEFORE we book your appointment.


All appointments will require a $50 non-refundable downpayment paid via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay, or other digital payment method. This downpayment is a non-refundable travel fee since we have to cover our travel costs to make this trip happen. However, we can offer refunds for unique situations with enough notice. Each down-payment will contribute to your total bill for your service.


If you’d like to schedule an appointment please respond to the text message I just sent you and let me know which dates and time you prefer based on the dates listed above.

We’ll be collecting dates to best serve our client’s based on availability, neighborhood, and order of requests, so bear with us. We typically work with a large list of requests and it may take a week or longer to set and confirm an appointment with you. We’re working on a first come first served basis. If we don’t hear back from you within 2-3 days I will be sending a follow up text – if we don’t hear from you after that you will be placed on our “non-responsive” list.

– Colby