Dreadlocks in
Atlanta, GA


We are not serving Atlanta at the current moment, however we will be offering our services to Atlanta starting around 2020. If you would like to be notified when we start scheduling clients for this area please fill out the form below!

Atlanta Dreadlock Services and Methods

Dreadlock Services

Professional Dreadlock Services to suit your every need.

Methods and Techniques

We specialize in the crochet method which is almost impossible to find in most salons.

  • Crochet Method
  • Instant Locs Method
  • No Interlocking or Twisting
  • No String or Rubber Bands
  • No Wax or Locking Gels
  • Never any Chemicals

Hair Types

Our methods and experience are highly effective for all hair types!

  • Afro Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Caucasian Hair
  • Asian Hair
  • Hispanic Hair
  • Mixed Races