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  • Atlee
  • Bellwood
  • Bensley
  • Bon Air
  • Carytown
  • Chamberlayne
  • Clopton
  • East Highland Park
  • Fan District
  • Glen Allen
  • Granite
  • Henrico
  • Highland Springs
  • Innsbrook
  • Lakeside
  • Laurel
  • Lorraine
  • Manchester
  • Mechanicsville
  • Midlothian
  • Montrose
  • North Side
  • Sandston
  • South Richmond
  • Tarrington
  • Tuckahoe
  • Varina
  • West End
  • Wilkinson Terrace
  • Williamson Farms

Richmond Dreadlock Services and Methods

Dreadlock Services

We’re your Instant Loc specialists!

Methods and Techniques

We specialize in Instant Locs and the Crochet Method

  • Crochet Method
  • Instant Locs Method
  • No Interlocking or Twisting
  • No String or Rubber Bands
  • No Wax or Locking Gels
  • Never any Chemicals

Hair Types

The Crochet Method allows us to be highly effective with ALL hair types!

  • Afro Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Caucasian Hair
  • Asian Hair
  • Hispanic Hair
  • Mixed Races

Richmond Loctician: Lauren

About Lauren

The relationship between Lauren and Dreadlock Central began a few years ago starting with her dreadlock installation. During her installation we all vibed well and it was clear she would be a good addition to our team and with ever growing requests for our services in the area we ultimately brought Lauren on the team to help fill the demand. Now she’s fully trained proving to be a valuable member of the team with nearly a year of independent experience (as of November 2021) installing, repairing, and maintaining dreadlocks in the Hampton Roads region. If you’re looking for a relaxed yet skilled and professional dreadlock artists, Lauren is your go to!

Lauren’s Recent Work


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