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How to become a client and schedule with us.

To become a client we ask that you navigate to the service page that applies to you, read the entire page, click the button labeled “Request Quote / Appointment” and then fill out our service form. We only accept new clients through the form on our service pages. We’ve designed each page to thoroughly explain what we have to offer to you and to answer most of your questions up front, then our service form gathers all the necessary information we need from you in order to make an educated quote for your specific situation. Please read over the entire page before you fill out the form, and if you have any further questions please ask us in the form. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

1. Read service page
2. Click Request Quote
3. Fill out form
4. Receive Quote
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Accompany your dreadlock services with proper care and healthy habits.

We’ve put together resources to get you up to speed with information to make your dreadlock journey as simple, healthy, and sustainable as possible.

Appointment Preparation

Learn everything you need to know about preparing for your appointment with us.

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Aftercare Guide

Our aftercare guide outlines all the important details you should know to have a happy and healthy dreadlock journey with us.

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Dreadlock Education

Read our indepth articles based on hard science and our countless experiences with our clients from all ethnic backgrounds.

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We use the Dreadlock Crochet Method. No need for any messy products.

After experimenting with a variety of methods we’re 100% convinced that the Dreadlock Crochet Method is hands down the best method for installing and maintaining dreadlocks for several reasons:

Crochet Method Benefits

  • Works for ALL hair types
  • Creates ‘Instant Dreadlocks’
  • Zero products needed other than shampoo
  • Wash or swim immediately afterwards
  • Will not ‘untwist’ or ‘unravel’
  • More gentle than twisting or interlocking
  • Bypass messy phase (first 6-12 months)