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✓ Zero use of string, waxes, gels

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We have thorough experience with dreadlock extensions in ALL hair types!

Get perfect dreadlocks from day one without worrying about string or products or any crazy maintenance routines. With our dreadlock extension services all you need is a few inches of hair and we’ll cover the rest no matter what your hair type is!

Caucasian Dreadlock Extensions

Afro Dreadlock Extensions

Hispanic Dreadlock Extensions

Asian Dreadlock Extensions

Our Dreadlock Extension Services are Mobile - We travel directly to you!

We work as a mobile salon traveling directly to your home to install your dreadlock extensions. If your home is unsuitable we can discuss an alternative location if necessary.

Dreadlock Extensions Portfolio

Dreadlock Extension Installation - 4
We braided Lisa's Dreadlocks after her root maintenance and extension installation
Lisa's Braided Dread Extensions
Lisa requested full dreadlock maintenance and dreadlock extensions from us. We got her roots nice and tight, pulled in some extra fuzz and bumps, and added blonde extensions to top it all off. After this long session we gave her a braid to compliment her fresh maintenance.
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 4
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 6
Before and after Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions for our client in Washington DC
Human Hair Afro Loc Extensions
We made Chase's Afro Human Hair Loc extensions in advance and then spent a mere 3 hours installing them and the results were amazing. We were all very, very please with the results of this installation!

"Awesome work, clean and professional. Thanks for my dreads."
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 6
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 7
Before and after Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions for our client in Washington DC
100% Human Hair Loc Extensions
We make custom order Dreadlock Extensions for Kinky Afro hair types. If you're looking to get Instant Locs you've come to the right place. We attach permanent and seamless dreadlock extensions that are tight and strong for years to come!
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 7
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 5
Dreadlock Extension Before and After for Caucasian Hair
Gia's Dreadlock Extensions
Gia really wanted her dreadlock extensions to look as natural and seamless as possible, so she decided to hire us for the installation. Her extension installation was quite a long process, but we managed to give her exactly what she wanted. She was very excited about the results and they'll suit her perfectly with her new home in California.
Dreadlock Extension Installation - 5
Instant Dreadlock Extensions
Asian Dreadlock Extensions for our Vietnamese Client
Instant Dreadlock Extensions
We took this client's extremely straight and coarse Asian hair and installed tight and strong dreadlock extensions. We handle all hair types, even the straightest Asian hair!
Instant Dreadlock Extensions
Dreadlock Extensions for Mixed Races
We split this client's dreadlock into two strong and well defined dreadlocks to save him from having only one dreadlock that is too thick for his preference
Dreadlock Extensions for Mixed Races
It really doesn't matter what the texture of your hair is we can get your extensions installed nice and tight without worrying about anything falling out.
Dreadlock Extensions for Mixed Races
Dreadlock Extensions Baltimore
We split this client's dreadlock into two strong and well defined dreadlocks to save him from having only one dreadlock that is too thick for his preference
Abby's Dreadlock Extensions
We gave Abby a visit in Baltimore and installed her vibrant red and black dreadlock extensions. Her hair was very short, only about 3 inches long yet we could still attach her extensions nice and tight. She loves the style and sometimes ties in a few extra extensions for some extra decoration.
Dreadlock Extensions Baltimore
Deanna's Dreadlock Extensions
We split this client's dreadlock into two strong and well defined dreadlocks to save him from having only one dreadlock that is too thick for his preference
DeAnna's Dreadlock Extensions
DeAnna was one of our very first extension clients with Kinky hair. We initially installed her dreadlocks and then she decided she wanted more length, so for the next visit we created and attached an extra 6-8 inches. Our most recent visit she said she totally loves them and couldn't imagine living without them.
Deanna's Dreadlock Extensions
Dreadlock Extensions - 9
We split this client's dreadlock into two strong and well defined dreadlocks to save him from having only one dreadlock that is too thick for his preference
Short/Messy to Long/Clean
This client's hair was very straight and not very cooperative. She had dreadlocks for a while but nothing ever seemed to tighten up for her so she started looking for help. She found us and we set up an appointment and we took her very short and very messy dreadlocks and cleaned up the roots and attached a whole new set of extensions for her.
Dreadlock Extensions - 9


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Great vibes.
Amazing dreadlocks.

Our company culture is based on serving you as a fellow human being and a unique individual, not just another paying customer to add to a list. We’re friendly and passionate people and we’re proud of the work we do!

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Do you have questions?

Well we have answers!

The rest of this page will explain everything you need to know in order to make an educated decision about the type of dreadlock extensions that are right for you!

What Kind of Dreadlock Extensions do I need?

There are many different types of dreadlock extensions to choose from. This section will inform you of the different types of extensions and exactly which one is right for you.

In most cases we recommend 100% Human Hair for it’s longevity, affordability, and natural look. This option suits the majority of our clients needs very well.

Some clients prefer a more affordable option in which case we recommend high quality synthetic hair for it’s low price and realistic look. The main downside of synthetic extensions is that it has a shorter lifespan.

In other cases, especially for clients who intend to dye their dreadlocks AFTER their installation, we recommend Virgin Hair for it’s dye-ability and realistic qualities. However, we recommend getting your color straightened out BEFORE your installation. Dying dreadlocks is generally discouraged (we will be writing a post on this topic in the future).

For temporary and colorful options we recommend wool dreadlocks. However, we do not install these types of extensions as a permanent solution but rather as a tied-in temporary option. This can also be a DIY option since you just need a friend who can properly tie string (just avoid suffocating your dreadlocks).

To learn more about a specific type of extension please select a tab that you’re most interested in.

100% Human Hair

100% Human Hair is hair that is cut from a human head and then processed to look or act a certain way. The processing typically involves stripping the hair of its cuticle, dying, and coating with silicone. This allows the hair to be “more manageable” but is much more difficult to dye as a result. Therefore, dying this hair is not recommended, especially color #1 (jet black). 100% Human Hair is perfectly acceptable for dreadlock extensions and our preferred choice in most cases.


  • More affordable than Virgin Hair
  • Higher quality than synthetic hair in most cases
  • Great for permanent or semi-permanent attachment
  • Lasts longer than synthetic hair for dreadlocks (typically 2-3 years for straight hair and 5+ years for afro hair)
  • Zero maintenance after installation


  • It’s processed and not completely natural
  • Should not be dyed, especially Color 1 (Jet Black)
  • Contributing to questionably bad ethics in the hair industry


100% Human Hair gives you the biggest bang for your buck and is our recommendation for most of our clients. We don’t recommend this type of hair to clients who want to dye their dreadlocks after installation, in that case you’ll want virgin hair.

Virgin and Virgin Remy Human Hair

Remy and Virgin Remy Human Hair is hair that is cut straight from a human head and is completely unprocessed. Virgin means that it’s unprocessed, and Remy means that all the cuticles are running in the same direction. It is by far the highest quality hair on the market because it is completely natural and untouched hair.


  • Great for a permanent solution
  • Closest to human hair
  • Can be dyed just like your real hair
  • No processing – cut straight from a human head and shipped to you
  • Long lasting for dreadlock extensions – 2-3 years for straight hair – 5+ years for afro hair
  • Will lighten and fade exactly as your natural hair would in the sun which keeps an extremely natural look
  • Zero maintenance after installation


  • Very Expensive
  • Harder to get your hands on
  • Remy Hair tends to be very difficult to create dreadlock extensions with for Afro hair
  • Contributing to questionably bad ethics in the hair industry


Although Virgin Remy hair is the highest quality hair on the market, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your dreadlocks. We actually prefer Human Hair over Virgin Remy Hair in most cases. The biggest reason we would recommend Virgin hair is if you are adamant about dying your dreadlocks AFTER installation.

Quality Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Synthetic hair is made of fine plastic fibers that resemble human hair. Low quality synthetic hair tends to look unnatural and fake, whereas high quality synthetic hair can look so natural that no one will be able to tell the difference.


  • The Most affordable option
  • Often Endless Color Options
  • Good synthetics will look like real hair
  • Usually Minimal Frizziness
  • Great for colorful options
  • Does not contribute to questionably bad ethics in the hair industry


  • It’s not real hair
  • Less durable – will last 2-4 years
  • Can sometimes feel scratchy
    (though all dreadlocks feel this way to some degree)
  • Cheap synthetics look harsh and fake
  • Can sometimes be dyed darker, but not lighter
  • Cannot use hair dye, must use specific fabric or cream color dye


Synthetic hair isn’t as bad as many people think, at least not with dreadlocks. Much of the problem with Synthetic Hair is that it can’t easily be styled when worn as normal hair. Once it’s formed into dreadlocks however, the styling issue goes out the window. With that being said, synthetic hair has become much more advanced in recent years to the point that high quality synthetic hair can be indistinguishable from real human hair! It’s a perfectly suitable option for dreadlocks extensions and we often work with Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions for Straight Hair textures.

Wool and Nylon Dreadlock Extensions

Wool dreadlock extensions are typically very, very colorful and unrealistic looking. They tend to be the “cartoony” version of dreadlocks. On the other hand Nylon dreadlocks are made of synthetic fibers that are very low quality. Nylon dreadlocks also have a very fake look to them. These two options are typically for decoration to your current dreadlocks or to be tied into your hair as temporary dreadlocks.


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for short term use
  • Extremely colorful and creative
  • Can be tied in by yourself or a friend
  • Great for experimenting with the idea of dreadlocks


  • Not a permanent solution
  • Does not resemble real hair or real dreadlocks
  • Maintenance and upkeep every 2-3 months as your hair grows out


If you’re looking for a permanent solution wool is certainly not your answer. We can install your wool extensions with string however we do not crochet wool dreadlock extensions permanently the same way we do with the other extension types listed above. We also do not crochet Nylon dreadlock extensions because the material simply stretches out with our method.

Single ended vs. double ended – loops, clips, frayed – What do I need?


Singled ended dreadlock extensions come in several forms including a loop on one end, a clip on one end, or frayed on one or both ends.

Single ended dreadlock extensions with clips or loops are design to be used as temporary OR permanent solutions. To use temporarily the extension is simply tied with the loop attaching it to your current hair or dreadlocks, and to use permanently the loop or clip is often cut and frayed to attach via the crochet method. Frayed ended dreadlock extensions are intended for permanent installation only.


Double ended dreadlock extensions come in one of two forms, either both ends are closed or open.

These types of dreadlock extensions are intended to be temporarily tied into normal hair or pre-existing dreadlocks at the root only. These types of extensions are folded in half and tied to your hair at the half way point of the extensions. This requires string and should be re-done every 2-3 months to keep up with the growth of your hair. This method is a temporary solution only and we rarely work with these types of extensions since they can easily be done at home.

How many dreadlock extensions do I need?

The amount of dreadlocks you’ll need will vary based on the size of the dreadlocks you want and the thickness of your hair.

The thicker your hair is the more dreadlocks end up with and the thinner your hair is the fewer amount of dreadlocks you’ll end up with.

Additionally, the thicker in diameter you want your dreadlocks to be the fewer number and the thinner you want them to be the larger the number.

Many people misjudge this number so we included the three photos in this section for reference. Each one of these clients have slightly thicker hair resulting in a slightly larger number of dreadlocks than someone would have with an average or medium hair density.

40-50 Dreadlocks

Caucasian Dreadlock Maintenance with the Crochet Method

50-70 Dreadlocks

70-100 Dreadlocks

Where can I get the best dreadlock extensions?


If you are in need of 100% Human Hair Loc Extensions for Kinky/Afro hair we are more than happy to help you with that. We create our own custom order Dreadlock Extensions for Afro hair types. Click Here to view our Custom Loc Extensions. We also work with Virgin Hair however this will require some communication.

If you are located in the Washington DC or Baltimore area and intending to schedule an appointment with us AND you want a custom order of extensions please finish reading over this page and just let us know what you have in mind when you fill out our service page at the bottom of this page.


For Straight Hair Dreadlock Extension our prefered vendors are Dreads UK and Dreadscapes. Both of these vendors have been making dreadlock extensions for a very long time and are very experienced. The only downside is that they are located in Europe and Australia so you must be patient with processing and shipping time if you order from these vendors.

The average amount of dread extensions you’ll need for a full head typically ranges between 40-50 dreadlocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a few questions that you didn’t even know you should be asking. Please read through the questions in this section and select whichever ones may apply to you.

How much do dreadlock extensions cost?

The cost of dreadlock extensions vary depending on many factors. Pricing often takes into consideration a range of variables including type, quality, length, amount, thickness, color, etc. There’s no easy way to answer this question, but you should generally be expecting to pay around $300-900 for dreadlock extensions and a separate cost of $300-1,000+ for the installation. Every vendor and every stylist varies, so you’ll have to contact stylists and vendors to determine specific pricing for your needs. If you intend to work with us, just fill out our intake form and we’ll get back to you with a quote!

What are the pros and cons of dreadlock extensions?


  • Instant Satisfaction
  • Good Length without the wait
  • Can often perfectly match your hair
  • Pick whichever style suits you best
  • Can be installed in any hair type
  • Permanent, or semi-permanent
  • Most attachments are seamless


  • It’s “fake”
  • The total cost is more than a standard installation
  • Human Hair collection is often viewed as unethical

What is the maintenance for dreadlock Extensions?

Maintenance methods will vary depending on the method of installation. With the dreadlock crochet method, which is what we use exclusively, there is no maintenance for your extensions other than your standard new growth maintenance that comes along with all dreadlocks!

How long do dreadock extensions last?

Dreadlock Extensions can last anywhere from several years to even being fully permanent depending on the method of installation and hair type. With our services utilizing the instant locs crochet method, Kinky Afro hair types tend to be fully permanent, whereas Straighter hair types last around 2-3 years with Synthetic Hair and 3-5 years or longer with Human Hair.

How many dreadlock extensions do I need?

The amount of dreadlock extensions you’ll need varies based on several factors including diameter of the dreadlock, your hair cut, and the thickness of your hair. For Kinky Afro hair types the amount of dreadlocks can range from 40 to 60 extensions for thick and medium dreadlocks and 80 to 150 extensions for skinnier dreadlocks. For Straighter hair types the average is typically between 40 and 65 extensions for a full head and sometimes 65-80 extensions for very skinny dreadlocks or very thick hair types.

Can I dye my dreadlock extensions?

Dying dreadlock extensions depends on the type of hair used to make the extensions in the first place. Certain Human Hair Extensions are heavily processed and pre-dyed which makes them very difficult to dye later on whereas Virgin hair is unprocessed and is fully dyeable. Synthetic hair should not be dyed with hair color, but is sometimes dyeable with fabric dyes. You shouldn’t expect to be able to dye synthetic extensions at all.

Can you wash dreadlock extensions?

If you’re receiving our services, yes, you can wash your dreadlock extensions like your normal dreadlocks. Otherwise your stylist will be able to give you an answer that is specific to your method. With the instant locs crochet method we certainly encourage you to wash your dreadlocks and extensions which will help tighten and strengthen your dreadlocks.

Can Dreadlock Extensions fall out?

Yes, it is possible for Dreadlock Extensions to fall out. Dread Extensions can fall out for a variety of reasons but the most common reasons are due to poor installation methods and/or they’ve just reached the end of their lifespan and have weakened over time. This is to be expected around the three year mark for straighter hair dreadlock extensions. In other cases if the client is using slippery product at the attachment it may allow for the hair to slip out easier.

Are dreadlock extensions removable?

Dreadlock Extensions can be removable depending on the installation method. If you’re looking for a temporary or easily removable option with your extensions you may want them to be tied in with string so that the string can simply be cut to remove the extensions.

Are dreadlock extensions bad for your hair?

Dreadlock extensions can be damaging to your hair only if you decide to comb them out of your hair after they’re installed. Dreadlock Extensions are typically no more damaging to your hair than having normal dreadlocks.

Are dreadlock extensions permanent?

Dreadlock Extensions range from temporary to “semi-permanent” to fully permanent. The age of dreadlock extensions vary based on the type of hair that is used to create the extension and also the texture of your natural hair. Temporary dreadlocks are typically tied in with string whereas semi-permanent and permanent dreadlock extension services are typically crocheted in. With Kinky Afro hair it is typically fully permanent with our method and straighter hair extensions are “semi-permanent” lasting around 2-5 years with human hair.

Can I just get partial dreadlock extensions installed?

Yes, absolutely! Just let us know when you fill out the form.

How long does my hair have to be for dreadlock extensions?

Your hair should be a minimum of 3-5 inches for the installation of dreadlock extensions. For Afro Hair and small diameter dreadlocks (pencil size) 3 inches is sufficient. For Straighter Hair Types and large diameter dreadlocks (sharpie size or bigger) 5-7 inches is preferred. The minimum length required depends on the size of the section, the thickness of your hair, and your hair type.

Where can I buy good dreadlock extensions online?

Reliable Dreadlock Extension Suppliers come and go, we tend to cycle in and out of suppliers as we find good extensions and other’s stop offering their products. However, we are continually updating our recommendations and listing them in the shop section of our website. Click here to view our recommendations!

What’s the difference between single ended and double ended dreadlock extensions?

Double ended dreadlocks are solely intended to tie into your dreadlocks or hair on a removable and temporary basis. Single ended dreadlocks range from looped ends, to clips, to frayed open ends, and more. With single ended dread extensions that have loops you have the option of tying them in a temporary fashion or you can cut the loops and fray out the ends to install them permanently. Frayed single ended dreadlock extensions are solely intended to be used with a permanent attachment.

What’s the difference between Synthetic, Human Hair, Virgin, Remy, and Wool dreadlock extensions?

The short answer: Human Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair are all cut from a real person’s head. “Human Hair” is processed and chemically altered to perform a certain way or to be a certain color. “Virgin” hair is is completely natural and unprocessed and “Remy” means that all the cuticles of the hair are going in the same direction which makes it the most natural hair. Synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibers which range from realistic to plastic looking depending on the quality. Wool dreadlock extensions are typically very colorful and unrealistic, they are typically used temporarily to adorn your current dreadlocks.

How noticeable is the attached area between my real hair and each dreadlock extension?

If your hair color and texture matches the hair used for the extensions it will be virtually seamless. And even if your hair doesn’t match perfectly it’s still very difficult to notice the attachment in most cases. In some straighter hair types it’s not uncommon to have a slightly thicker section where the connection is made, but it’s only noticeable if you’re seeking it out.

Dreadlock Extension Pricing.

Pricing is for service time only and is separate from the price of the extensions as a product.

*Pricing varies depending on each city and metropolitan area

*Appointments are typically subject to an additional $20+ travel fee

Permanent Partial Extensions



Appointment Time: 3-5 hours


Business in the front, party in the back? Not a mullet! Just partial dreadlocks! The perfect option to show or hide your unique style at your choosing.


Full Head Permanent Extensions



Appointment Time: 8-12+ hours


Get long luscious dreadlocks without the hassle of growing your hair out by installing dreadlock extensions! Give us at least 3-5 inches of hair we can give you 3-4 feet of dreadlocks.


Custom Order Loc Extensions



Processing Time: 7-14 days


Want us to make you a custom set of 100% Human Hair Afro Dreadlock Extensions? We’ll get you hooked up with the best Afro Dread Extensions money can buy.



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