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Dreadlock Maintenance with the Crochet Method

Many of our clients come to us specifically for the specialized use of our method. The Crochet Method is highly effective for Dreadlock Maintenance with all hair types and we have very thorough experience with the method dealing with hair that ranges from extremely Kinky West African hair to Straw-like Asian Hair. We’ve seen it all and we’re here to get your maintenance needs under control!

Crochet Method Benefits

  • Works for ALL hair types
  • Creates ‘Instant Dreadlocks’
  • Zero products needed other than shampoo
  • Wash or swim immediately afterwards
  • Will not ‘untwist’ or ‘unravel’
  • More gentle than twisting or interlocking
  • Bypass messy phase (first 6-12 months)

Dreadlock Maintenance for Straight Hair Types


People who have dreadlocks with straight hair types including Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Mixed Races tend to have an extremely difficult time finding a stylist or salon they can trust to maintain their dreadlocks properly and effectively. We’re here to fill that gap more and more every day by offering what we believe are the best dreadlock maintenance methods and services available. We actually understand dreadlocks with ALL hair types which is something you’ll virtually never find with other salons.

Loc Maintenance for Afro Hair Types


Although many of our African American clients are unaware of the crochet method before finding us they are often very impressed by the results. Our clients are surprised when we create instantly tight locs without any string or products, allowing them to wash their hair whenever they please! With that being said please understand that we do not re-twist or interlock dreadlocks for maintenance since those methods have more cons than pros whereas the crochet method practically has no negative effects on dreadlocks. For retwisting or interlocking services we kindly ask you to go elsewhere.

Our Dreadlock Maintenance Services are Mobile - We travel directly to you!

We work as a mobile salon traveling directly to your home for your dreadlock maintenance session. If your home is unsuitable we can discuss an alternative location if necessary.


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Our company culture is based on serving you as a fellow human being and a unique individual, not just another paying customer to add to a list. We’re friendly and passionate people and we’re proud of the work we do!

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Dreadlock Maintenance FAQ

You might have a few questions that you didn’t even know you should be asking about Dreadlock Maintenance. Please read through the questions in this section and select whichever ones may apply to you.

How often should I get dreadlock maintenance?

The frequency of your dreadlock maintenance will vary based on the method being used and how clean and professional you want your dreadlocks to look.

For our method, the crochet method, we typically see our clients every 2 or 3 months which is also what we recommend.

For those looking to keep the cleanest and most professional looking dreadlocks once per month is optional, however we recommend no more frequently than that. Alternatively, some of our clients only see us once or twice per year just to make sure their roots stay separated. The frequency of your dreadlock maintenance is mainly a matter of personal preference to you.

Will I lose any length with my dreadlock maintenance?

In most cases, no.

For most dreadlock root maintenance sessions no length will be lost. However, some clients may experience a very insignificant amount of shortening that is so minuscule that it’s not even worth mentioning.

Should I palm roll for maintenance?

We recommend palm rolling for brand new dreadlocks, however established dreadlocks usually don’t need it.

Palm rolling has several benefits including reducing fuzziness, reducing the severity of wild loops, and helping to keep the dreadlocks cylindrical. When you palm roll we recommend doing so while your dreadlocks are still drying after a fresh wash. This will also help them dry faster. Palm rolling can be done at just about any time, but like anything we recommend not overdoing it. Anything done too excessively is often a bad thing when it comes to dreadlocks. We recommend only palm rolling in the time frame your dreadlocks are drying as an easy rule of thumb.

Should I root-rub for maintenance?

It is largely a matter of preference to you, however we do support root-rubbing in moderation.

Root-rubbing certainly isn’t a necessity by any means, and it’s not something that we invite our clients to do, but it can help keep your roots locking up between maintenance sessions under the right circumstances. Root-rubbing should only be done when your dreadlocks are 100% dry and free of any products. If you choose to root-rub we highly recommend doing so only in moderation – only do this once between each wash. Root rubbing creates a lot of friction which can be very damaging if overdone, however friction is also what helps to form knots in your hair. It’s far better to do this very infrequently or not at all than to overdo it and cause breakage.

Should I interlock for maintenance?

We are strongly against interlocking dreadlocks for maintenance.

Interlocking has a few benefits: it’s quick, easy, and gets your scalp tight. But what most people don’t understand until it’s too late is that this method doesn’t actually create a real dreadlock. In most cases large groups of hair are basically wrapped in and around the dreadlock creating a braided effect instead of a true solid dreadlock. Dreadlocks need a massive amount of tiny knots to form properly, not giant braided knots.. With certain hair types and certain stylists we’ve seen this yield decent results, especially with some African American clients with small dreadlocks, but for straight hair types and thick dreadlocks we’ve seen very unfavorable results far too many times to support this method.

Should I retwist for maintenance?

We do not support the retwist method in general, and we highly recommend avoiding the retwisting for all hair types that are not Afro hair (this includes mixed race hair types).

Retwisting is terribly ineffective for all hair types that are not Afro Kinky. Even with Afro Dreads, retwisting is a very poor choice in our opinion because there is often an overuse of product which suffocates your scalp, the product is often a pH that isn’t healthy for your scalp, the product is likely lead to sebum buildup, it doesn’t allow you to wash your hair until your next retwist, and traction alopecia (temporary balding) is all too common with this method. Although it may work for many African American clients at forming dreadlocks there are so many unhealthy drawbacks to the method that we completely discourage it and highly recommend the crochet method instead.

Can I trust a regular salon to do my maintenance?

99% of the time we would say no.

The only exception to this statement would be if you have Kinky Afro hair and you visit an African American salon that is experienced with dreadlocks. However, all other hair types including mixed races often have terrible problems after going to an African American salon for dreadlock maintenance.

There are several problems with regular salons and dreads. Our main concern is that there is practically zero training on dreadlocks in Cosmetology school, therefore stylists have to rely on self education in the hopes of being reasonably competent. That leads to the second problem, most stylists rarely ever get clients with dreadlocks so when they get the opportunity they tend to act incredibly confident and just “wing it” and usually do something ridiculous like tying a giant knot in your dreadlock (yes we’ve had several clients that have experienced this). The last main point is that some stylists don’t even care about the client and they just want paid, so they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you in their chair, some stylists flat out lie to the client. We’re not making this stuff up, we hear it all the time.

We’re not trying to bash normal salons or stylists, it’s just that we’ve heard so many stories from our clients who have had these exact experiences over and over again and we hate seeing people being taken advantage of in this way.

Dreadlock Maintenance Pricing.

All pricing is based on general root maintenance only. For more advanced maintenance please view our Dreadlock Repair Page Here.

*Pricing varies depending on each city and metropolitan area

*Appointments are typically subject to an additional $20+ travel fee

Up to 60 Dreadlocks

Caucasian Dreadlock Maintenance with the Crochet Method


Appointment Time: 1-1.5 hours


60-80 Dreadlocks

Dreadlock Maintenance on Afro Hair


Appointment Time: 1.5-2.5 hours


80-100+ Dreadlocks

Loc Maintenance for Afro Hair with the Crochet Method


Appointment Time: 2.5+ hours


Advanced Maintenance

Complete Dreadlock Reconstruction


If you need more than just basic root maintenance please view our Dreadlock Repair page. We have details and pricing estimates that will better suit your needs.


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Have questions about how we work? Read our service FAQ:

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

To schedule an appointment please select and read over the service page that applies to you – then in the pricing section of each service page you will notice a button to “Request Quote / Appointment” when you click that button it will launch our service form – fill out that form to get a personalized quote and set up your first appointment.

Once you fill out the form the first time there is no need to fill it out again, simply contact us directly.

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Dreadlock Central Services

How long will my appointment take?

Time will vary dramatically depending on what you need done. A simple root maintenance will take as little as 1 hour and a full installation will range from 6-14 hours or possibly longer for extensions. We will give you a time estimate after we review your form submission.

Where is Dreadlock Central located?

We do not have a physical shop, instead we travel from home to home as a mobile dreadlock salon or work out of small private studios and we intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. You can view our services areas on our locations page!

What if I can’t set up an appointment at my house?

Some of us serve clients out of a private home studio. If you try to book with us in a city that we only serve on a mobile basis we will refer you to an alternative city where you can travel to our team member’s studio. Otherwise we can arrange to meet at other locations such as a hotel room or an AirBnB or use a friend or family member’s home. If the weather is favorable we’re not opposed to meeting up in a park if you’re the outdoors type.

What forms of payment do you take?

  • Cash
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • PayPal

What do I need to do before our appointment?

  • Wash or deep cleanse 24-48 hours before your appointment.
  • DO NOT use any conditioner or oils or any other product between this wash and your appointment.
  • Make sure you have a chair that sits medium to low height, high chairs make our work difficult.
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting, dark environments make our work difficult.
  • Please remove extremely hyper pets or children from the environment while we are working on your dreadlocks if possible.

Click here for our full Appointment Preparation page.

How much hair do I need for new dreadlocks?

For a new installation and/or extensions 5 inches of length is prefered, however 3 inches is the minimum.

The required length will vary depending on the size of the dreadlocks to be installed. The smaller the dreadlock, the shorter the length that is required and the larger the dreadlock, the longer your hair must be.

How much length will I lose with a new installation?

This will vary depending on your current length, dreadlock thickness, hair type, and also if you want your ends open or closed. Typically you’ll lose 3-6 inches, or sometimes more for longer hair. The good news is that you won’t lose any additional length once we install them since we crochet them.

Can I comb my dreadlocks out if I change my mind?

This is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is probably, however it’s not guaranteed. Most dreadlocks can be taken out when they’re new, however the older they get the more difficult that can be. If you decide to take them out you need to be prepared to put in a significant amount of time and patience, and you’ll pull a lot of hair out, it is not an easy process to comb out most dreadlocks.

Are dreadlocks painful?

The pain level varies between individuals and dreadlock age. The short answer, is a moderate yes. New installations and young dreadlocks tend to be less painful than older ones because your scalp usually increases in sensitivity over time as you wash less frequently. The only part of our process that will be painful is when we’re working very close to your scalp to tighten your roots.

TIP: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration may result in a sensitive scalp.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

If you have to cancel your appointment, please notify us as early as possible so we can all adjust accordingly. The sooner, the better. Down payments are non-refundable for any cancelation less than 48 hours before the appointment, or especially for any no-show. This is especially important for appointments we travel to – because we often book other clients along our routes, and spend time and gas money traveling to you, the non-refundable down payment covers our expenses, time, and improbability to fill your time slot on such late notice which would otherwise be wasted.

If you have any questions after reading our FAQ please ask in the service form.



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