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We work as a mobile salon traveling directly to your home for your dreadlock repair session. If your home is unsuitable we can discuss an alternative location if necessary.


Dreadlock Repair Pricing

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*Pricing varies depending on each city and metropolitan area

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Young Dreadlock Tightening
Thinning Scalp Repair
Weak Dread Length Repair
Dreadlock Reattachment
Dreadlock Loops Repair
Blunting Dreadlock Ends
Splitting Dreadlocks
Combining Dreads

Young Dreadlock Tightening



Appointment Time: 4-8+ hours


Your dreadlocks are young, fuzzy and out of control and you just want them to look and feel like real dreads? Whether you have kinky afro hair or perfectly straight hair we offer the perfect solution for this issue by tightening and repairing your loose dreadlocks so you can skip that awkward phase!

When we tighten your dreadlocks with the crochet method the results are solid and mature feeling dreadlocks with minimal fuzziness. We pull the hair inside each dreadlock to create very tiny knots which is the same thing that happens when your dreadlocks mature naturally. By tightening your young dreadlocks this will also prevent or at least greatly reduce the likelihood of loops and further shrinking. No other method can achieve this in one appointment! We get your dreadlocks formed tight and mature from day one!

Thinning Scalp Repair


Dreadlock Root Repair

Appointment Time: 3+ hours


If you’re experiencing a thinning or balding scalp and you’re freaking out because you’re losing your dreadlocks, we may be able to help you. As long as you have a reasonable amount of healthy hair growing out of the scalp we can usually fix up your dreadlocks, fortify the roots, and get you back on track. However, if you are experiencing sustained or progressing thinning, traction alopecia, or pattern baldness, we are far less likely to be able to help you. We highly recommend clicking the button in this section to learn more about this topic.

Please understand that We DO NOT offer the Loc Bridge Technique mainly because it puts tension on the remaining dreadlocks which may further contribute to thinning issues. We also don’t like the low quality outcome of visibility of the string. Instead we are offering Loc Unit Services to attach a semi-permanent hair piece to cover up any balding.

Weak Dread Repair



Appointment Time: 1-5+ hours


Are you dealing with weak skinny dreadlocks along the length without a balding issue? We’ll help you understand why this is happening and how we can repair most weak dreadlock issues no matter what your hair type is. We repair weak dreadlocks with a unique method that you won’t find in any normal salon!

When we repair weak spots in dreadlocks we do not use string or rubber bands like other salons. Instead we crochet the dreadlocks, creating extra knots that hold themselves together. Most of the time we can do this without even adding extra hair, however in some cases we must use additional hair to strengthen and solidify your dreadlock. We get your weak dreadlocks nice and strong again so you don’t have to worry about them breaking off anymore!

Dreadlock Reattachment



Less than 10 Dreadlocks Reattached

Appointment Time: 1-3 hours



Full Head of Dreadlocks Reattached

Appointment Time: 6-10+ hours


Some of your dreadlocks have fallen off and you don’t know what to do? This may be due to bleaching, shaving into the root, or thinning out from balding or poorly done methods. No matter your hair type or the reason we can reattach almost any dreadlock and get your dreads feeling strong and tight once again!

When we reattach dreadlocks we never use string or rubber bands. Instead we crochet each attachment which allows for an incredibly seamless connection that no one will ever notice. Many of our clients are concerned with the dreadlock falling back out after we reattach it, 99% of the time this isn’t an issue and many times the connection will be even stronger than the rest of your dreadlocks. We can reattach old dreadlocks, someone else’s dreadlocks, and sometimes old extensions. All we need is hair that is strong and healthy to make a strong connection.

Dreadlock Loops Repair



Appointment Time: 1-5+ hours


Sick of dealing with crazy loops and zig-zags? This is common for straight or wavy hair types that are installed with the twist and rip, backcomb, or neglect methods. Gain some insight into how to prevent or fix your loops and find out how we can repair your loops and get you back to having solid round dreads in no time!

When we fix loopz and zig-zags we use the crochet method to pull in all that loopy hair. We’ve never seen any other method achieve this. Also, we never use scissors to cut the loops. Cutting loops can significantly compromise the strength and integrity of the dreadlock. This service is mainly used on younger dreadlocks (under 6 months) since the hair is most malleable and easiest to manipulate. Dreadlocks that are older, especially older than 1.5 years are often too tight and mature to pull in the loops without breaking the hair, although occasionally we are able to pull in loops with older dreadlocks.

Blunting Dreadlock Ends


Appointment Time: 1.5-3+ hours


So you want your dreadlocks to be tight from root to tip but your ends just don’t want to cooperate? This is common for straight hair, in fact the straighter your hair is the more stubborn your ends will be. There is nothing wrong with open ended dreadlocks, it’s simply a matter of preference to the client.

When we blunt/close/round the tips of your dreadlocks we do so without using any string, rubber bands, or crazy products. We solely use the crochet method to create the knotting in the hair that isn’t happening on its own. A fair amount of time this service will be a one time appointment and your tips will hold firmly, however with certain hair types and certain shampoos and wash preferences the tips can be a bit more stubborn and require two appointments a month or two apart.

Splitting Dreadlocks



Appointment Time: 1-5+ hours


Sometimes dreadlocks just love to grow together, and if you’re dealing with this problem you might soon be faced with constant headaches (litterally) and cutting your dreads out! We give you advice on how to prevent this but if you’re already in trouble we can split or separate and repair just about any dreadlock mess you can throw at us!

When we split the roots of your dreadlocks we pull the hair apart and only cut hair when absolutely necessary. Then we crochet the roots back into place exactly where they belong to prevent future merging. When we split entire dreadlocks we only do so only under specific circumstances.

To split an entire dreadlock we highly recommend only doing so with thick dreadlocks that are about finger size or larger and dreadlocks that are mature and have either been crocheted, backcombed, twist and ripped, or formed naturally. Splitting dreadlocks that have been previously interlocked often lead to the dreadlock breaking and falling off at the interlocking location (because it doesn’t form a true dreadlock – it’s like cutting through a braid). If done under the right circumstances your dreadlocks can be split apart and remain strong and healthy for years to come. If you’re unsure whether this is a good idea for you or not just click on the button below and submit the form. We’ll review your details and let you know if this is a viable option for your circumstances!

Combining Dreadlocks


So you want your dreadlocks to be thicker? Sometimes dreadlocks must be combined for strength, other times our client simply wants thicker dreadlocks. Dreadlock combinations vary based on hair type and not all combinations are possible.

Please read our combining page linked with the button below for pricing and more info!





Appointment Time: 5-12+ hours


Are you tired of looking like a homeless bum and you want to look like a professional dreadhead instead? We get it, and we can definitely get you fixed up! Most full dreadlock repair jobs are completed in a 5-7 hour appointment and most results are a permanent improvement with zero or very little additional maintenance thereafter!

When we do a complete overhaul on your dreadlocks it typically consists of some separation, root maintenance, tightening the length, blunting the ends, and sometimes fixing some weak spots or reattaching a few dreadlocks. We’ve done this type of work on all hair types and ethnicities and we have very thorough experience in getting you fixed up just right the first time, whereas most salons have no idea how to handle some of these more extreme situations, especially for straight hair types. In fact this is our favorite type of work! If you have something crazy that needs fixed up we accept your challenge. Let’s see what you got!

What to expect after your Dreadlock Repair session

Much of the dreadlock repair work we do only requires one appointment, yet for a small amount of situations it may require two appointments. After our work is done you should expect to have much cleaner and neater looking dreadlocks. Unlike some of the bad experiences that our clients experience from other salons, and with other methods, you won’t experience any unraveling or anything coming undone with our work. We also don’t require you to use any extra products such as locking gels or waxes and you certainly won’t have to deal with any string or rubber bands (with the exception of the Loc Bridge Technique).

Many of our clients are amazed by the dreadlock repair work that we do and also with the simplicity of aftercare that we give them. Dreadlocks don’t have to be complicated and many other salons over complicate things so they can sell more products or make more money from you with sub-par maintenance that keeps you coming back. We actually care about our clients and want to get you fixed up right the first time with minimal aftercare. We view dreadlocks as a minimalist lifestyle and we strive to keep things as simple as possible while still being effective at keeping them looking clean, professional, and presentable!


Passionate people.
Great vibes.
Amazing dreadlocks.

Our company culture is based on serving you as a fellow human being and a unique individual, not just another paying customer to add to a list. We’re friendly and passionate people and we’re proud of the work we do!

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Dreadlock Repair FAQ

You might have a few questions that you didn’t even know you should be asking about Dreadlock Repair. Please read through the questions in this section and select whichever ones may apply to you.

Can you cover up a receding hairline?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

When a hairline recedes it is either due to natural balding or traction alopecia. If traction alopecia is the cause we may be able to help. Many times traction alopecia is caused by overly aggressive methods such as retwisting or interlocking. How we help is by offering the Crochet Method, which is far more gentle and can relieve strain on the scalp. Over time, with less tension on your scalp, your hair growth may improve.

If you’ve never tried the crochet method you can set up an appointment with us – click here to get started!

Do you offer the Loc Bridge Technique as a service?

Unfortunately no, we do not.

The reason we don’t offer the Loc Bridge Technique anymore is due to the low quality and unnatural look of the end result. Simply put, we aren’t comfortable doing what we feel is a temporary quick fix, so if you’re adamant about getting this service we recommend seeking out a different salon to work with.

How can I make my dreads thicker?

Making dreads thicker requires making your sections larger by combining dreadlocks or adding additional hair on a very routine basis (which we don’t recommend). You could also tie in extra dreadlock extensions to add volume, which would require regular maintenance to move the extension close to the scalp as your hair grows out.

Can you add extra hair to thinning dreadlocks?

The short answer is Yes, the crochet method is the best way to add hair to your dreads allowing it to strengthen and thicken the dreadlock as long as you’re working with an experienced Dreadlock Service Provider.

However, the full answer is a bit more nuanced than that.

If your scalp is thinning, adding additional hair will not help strengthen a thinning root. This is because you need enough healthy hair coming out of the scalp to attach and hold the dreadlock. Adding hair that is not attached to your scalp will not help strengthen the very base of the dreadlock.

However, if you have plenty of healthy hair and it just needs to be contained within the dreadlock again, adding extra hair to fill in the gaps is a worthwhile approach.

We have an article related to this topic worth checking out here – Thinning Dreadlocks at Root with Full Hair Coverage

How can I stop my dreads from falling apart?

Dreadlocks fall apart for several reasons, however the crochet method will almost always be your best solution.

If your dreadlocks are unraveling after being twisted we highly suggest switching to the crochet method, since your hair clearly will not hold a standard twist.

If your dreadlocks young and interlocked, backcomed, or twist and ripped, and coming undone we also recommend switching to the crochet method. In addition to switching methods we recommend avoiding the use of “locking gels”, conditioners, and excessive wax as these can inhibit and actually prevent your dreadlocks from locking and tightening up properly.

How much length will I loose with dreadlock repair?

The length lost will vary greatly depending on the work that must be done.

In many cases no length will be lost, however blunting ends and fixing thin weak dreadlocks may require some length to be lost. If this is a major concern and you are intending on working with us simply ask this question when you fill out our service form and we will give you a personalized assessment based on the photos you provide us and the work to be done.

Can I save dreadlocks that were done wrong at a salon?

In most cases, yes. Many of the clients we see find us after they have problems at other salons and we get them fixed up almost every single time. Many salons have no idea how to work with dreadlocks or they only know how to work with Kinky Afro hair. It is highly recommended to avoid any salon that doesn’t specialize in dreadlocks and if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair it’s usually best if you also avoid any salon that works with Afro hair textures.

How can I get flat dreadlocks?

To achieve flat dreadlocks you’ll want to create long/wide rectangular sections. You’ll want to strive for a ratio of at least 1:2 or even 1:3 for the length vs. width of your sections. The dreads will naturally form much flatter with these ratios.

If you already have established dreadlocks you can combine sections to achieve a long shape and as the hair grows out it will form flatter dreadlocks.

Do keep in mind that hair type also determines the likelihood of flat dreadlocks.

Why are my dreads flat and how can I fix it?

Dreadlocks become flat for several reasons. The most common are very wide sections and pressure, such as laying on them.

To prevent or fix this issue you’ll want to start with sections that are as even as possible. Some examples are squares, or equilateral triangles instead of long rectangular sections. If you already have long sections you could consider re-sectioning or splitting thick dreadlocks by an experienced professional such as ourselves. Other solutions include palm rolling and using beads when the hair is damp to compress and force the dreads into a cylindrical shape or sometimes wrapping the length with string can help.

Will the loops in my dreadlocks go away?

Over time the loops in dreads usually turn into lumps and bumps, but they will never smooth out like the round parts of your dreadlocks. These loops can be contained to some degree by sliding beads over them to contain the hair and maintain the round shape of the dreadlock.

Can you cover up or fix bald spots in dreadlocks?

We can only work with healthy hair that is covering the scalp. If there is not enough hair to support a dreadlock we cannot cover up that spot. If you have a balding area that still has some hair coverage we recommend reading this post – Thinning Dreadlocks with Full Scalp Coverage.

Otherwise, the best way to cover up a bald patch in the center of the head is to wear your dreadlocks in a braid or style or wear a hat or beenie of some sort.

How can I fix dreads that are falling out?

First you must understand why your dreads are falling out but in many cases dreadlocks can be seamlessly reattached via the Instant Locs Crochet Method.

We go into further detail about a specific cause of how dreadlocks can fall out in this article – Thinning Dreadlocks at the Root with Full Hair Coverage of the Scalp

Can dreadlocks be trimmed and cut shorter?

Yes, absolutely. Just keep in mind that there is usually a flat end as a result of the cut and crocheting the tips back in is more challenging after a cut.

Can you split dreadlocks?

In some cases yes, however that depends on the method of installation and maintenance and the thickness of your dreads.

If your dreadlocks have been crocheted, free-formed, or backcombed and are also healthy and relatively thick there is a good chance you can split them without compromising too much of the strength and integrity of the dreadlock.

Alternatively, with twisting, interlocking, or the twist and rip method we generally avoid splitting dreadlocks because there’s a high likelihood of cutting too much hair that holds the dreadlock together resulting in a compromise of integrity and strength of the dreadlock with the possibility of the dread falling off.

How long does your hair have to be to reattach dreadlocks?

Your hair should be 3-5 inches long to reattach dreadlocks. For thinner/skinnier dreadlocks 3 inches is sufficient in most cases. For thicker/fatter dreads 5 inches is ideal.

If attaching to the end of a pre-existing dreadlock we comb out enough hair to create the attachment. As long as your hair is relatively strong and healthy this can be done without much of a problem.

Can you reattach broken dreads?

With healthy supportive hair, yes!

If your hair has broken off or thinned out then the dreadlock can almost always be reattached as long as we have enough healthy hair to work with. If you’re thinning or balding or dealing with traction alopecia, that’s a whole other story and for most of these balding and thinning situations we cannot reattach your dreadlocks.

How can I combine dreadlocks?

There are several ways to combine dreadlocks.

Our preferred way is to simply crochet two dreadlocks together at the root. Or for the full length, we would crochet extra hair down the entire length of those two dreadlocks to hold them together, however this is a very tedious process.

The easiest way is to take two dreadlocks and group them together at the root and put a rubber band or tie string around them to hold them together. As they grow out the roots will grow together effectively combing two dreads into one. Just understand that the length of the dreadlocks will not be combined with this approach and using string and rubber bands can cause problems if done incorrectly. We have a post on rubber bands which you access here.

How do I fix loops and zig-zags in my dreadlocks?

Loops and zig-zags are most present in Straight Hair Dreads, especially ones with the backcomb, twist and rip, and free-form methods. These loops can be prevented and fixed in many cases by choosing to crochet them, palm rolling regularly, or sliding beads over the areas that are creating loops to contain the hair.

My dreadlocks are splitting apart, how do I fix that?

Dreads often split apart due to poor interlocking or very wide sectioning.

To fix a dreadlock splitting apart due to interlocking we suggest not using the interlocking method again and scheduling an appointment with us or another trusted profession who uses the crochet method. If your section is very wide you may want to consider splitting the dreadlock in half or re-sectioning.

How can I fix thinning dreads at the root?

Well, it really depends on what is causing the thinning.

In some cases the Instant Locs Crochet Method may be a great option to fix thinning dreads at the root. However, if your scalp is too thin and there’s not enough healthy hair on your scalp to pull into the dreadlock it cannot be fixed permanently. The problem may be resolved temporarily using the “Loc Bridge Technique”. This is done by using a dreadlock extension, or previously fallen out dreadlocks, are tied into a network of string that spans across the bald spot.

We’re not a fan of the the Loc Bridge Technique since it feels like a “cheap” and low quality temporary fix. But, it may work well for some people. If you’re seeking this service you’ll have to work with someone else since we do not offer this service.

We have a full article related to this topic that you may want to explore further – Thinning Dreadlocks at the Root with Full Hair Coverage of the Scalp

How can I fix weak spots in dreadlocks?

Weak spots in dreads can easily be fixed with the crochet method. In some cases additional hair may be added to the weak spot to strengthen it.

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Have questions about how we work? Read our service FAQ:

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

To schedule an appointment please select and read over the service page that applies to you – then in the pricing section of each service page you will notice a button to “Request Quote / Appointment” when you click that button it will launch our service form – fill out that form to get a personalized quote and set up your first appointment.

Once you fill out the form the first time there is no need to fill it out again, simply contact us directly.

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How long will my appointment take?

Time will vary dramatically depending on what you need done. A simple root maintenance will take as little as 1 hour and a full installation will range from 6-14 hours or possibly longer for extensions. We will give you a time estimate after we review your form submission.

Where is Dreadlock Central located?

We do not have a physical shop, instead we travel from home to home as a mobile dreadlock salon or work out of small private studios and we intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. You can view our services areas on our locations page!

What if I can’t set up an appointment at my house?

Some of us serve clients out of a private home studio. If you try to book with us in a city that we only serve on a mobile basis we will refer you to an alternative city where you can travel to our team member’s studio. Otherwise we can arrange to meet at other locations such as a hotel room or an AirBnB or use a friend or family member’s home. If the weather is favorable we’re not opposed to meeting up in a park if you’re the outdoors type.

What forms of payment do you take?

  • Cash
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • PayPal

What do I need to do before our appointment?

  • Wash or deep cleanse 24-48 hours before your appointment.
  • DO NOT use any conditioner or oils or any other product between this wash and your appointment.
  • Make sure you have a chair that sits medium to low height, high chairs make our work difficult.
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting, dark environments make our work difficult.
  • Please remove extremely hyper pets or children from the environment while we are working on your dreadlocks if possible.

Click here for our full Appointment Preparation page.

How much hair do I need for new dreadlocks?

For a new installation and/or extensions 5 inches of length is prefered, however 3 inches is the minimum.

The required length will vary depending on the size of the dreadlocks to be installed. The smaller the dreadlock, the shorter the length that is required and the larger the dreadlock, the longer your hair must be.

How much length will I lose with a new installation?

This will vary depending on your current length, dreadlock thickness, hair type, and also if you want your ends open or closed. Typically you’ll lose 3-6 inches, or sometimes more for longer hair. The good news is that you won’t lose any additional length once we install them since we crochet them.

Can I comb my dreadlocks out if I change my mind?

This is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is probably, however it’s not guaranteed. Most dreadlocks can be taken out when they’re new, however the older they get the more difficult that can be. If you decide to take them out you need to be prepared to put in a significant amount of time and patience, and you’ll pull a lot of hair out, it is not an easy process to comb out most dreadlocks.

Are dreadlocks painful?

The pain level varies between individuals and dreadlock age. The short answer, is a moderate yes. New installations and young dreadlocks tend to be less painful than older ones because your scalp usually increases in sensitivity over time as you wash less frequently. The only part of our process that will be painful is when we’re working very close to your scalp to tighten your roots.

TIP: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration may result in a sensitive scalp.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

If you have to cancel your appointment, please notify us as early as possible so we can all adjust accordingly. The sooner, the better. Down payments are non-refundable for any cancelation less than 48 hours before the appointment, or especially for any no-show. This is especially important for appointments we travel to – because we often book other clients along our routes, and spend time and gas money traveling to you, the non-refundable down payment covers our expenses, time, and improbability to fill your time slot on such late notice which would otherwise be wasted.

If you have any questions after reading our FAQ please ask in the service form.



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