Dreadlock Photography

We offer free professional photo shoots for select clients!*

If you have an upcoming appointment with us why not compliment your new look with a professional photo shoot? We offer photography services free of charge for select clients so that we can showcase our work in the best light and we can also give you free stylish professional portraits as a bonus for working with us!

*Photography terms of agreement

  • Location – Our photo shoots are done on location by Colby and are therefore subject to Colby’s travel schedule. Shoots are preferably scheduled following a fresh maintenance or installation appointment
  • Style – We aim to showcase our best work with clients who can show off their unique style so we’re looking for clients with very clean and professional dreadlocks and a sense of fashion
  • Your Permissions – All photos are free for you to do as you please. We prefer that you don’t remove our watermark and you also credit us for the photo and dreadlocks however, this is not a requirement. You can use them unrestricted!
  • Our Permissions – Dreadlock Central has full and unrestricted use of all photos from each photo shoot to be used on our website, social media accounts, and any other form of media to help us showcase our work in the best light

Photography Portfolio

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What to expect for your photo shoot

Outdoors vs. Indoors shooting

  • Outdoor photography is our most common style because of our mobile nature
  • Makeshift indoor shoots can be arranged in your home with clean backgrounds
  • Shooting outdoors is limited to daylight and is best done around 1 hour before sunset
  • Outdoors shoots can be in forests, fields, downtown areas, or among other interesting locations

Photo editing and retouching

  • All photography is fully retouched and edited to optimize clarity, color, and depth
  • Skin softening, retouching, and color correction comes standard with all portraits
  • Background items and distractions may be removed or modified to enhance focus on the subject

Time of day and length of shoot

  • 1 hour before sunset or before sunrise is best for soft skin tones for outdoors shooting
  • 15-30 minutes is sufficient for a very quick shoot right after your appointment
  • 2-3 hours is typical for an in-depth shoot to get multiple good shots with good lighting and interesting backgrounds

How to prepare for your dreadlock photoshoot

Do your makeup – the more style the better

  • We prefer to go for either a natural or edgy look, therefore we ask you do your makeup to suit one of those styles
  • Dark lipsticks tend to really add a “pop” to the photos
  • If you’re not interested in going all in on your makeup just do what suits your style

Wear edgy and stylish clothes that suit you

  • The more interesting and unique your clothes is the better
  • It’s always a good idea to bring an extra change or two of clothing for in-depth shoots
  • Clothing, makeup, and accessories that match or compliment each other do best
  • Duo-tone color schemes with an accent color tend to work very well

Sunglasses, scarves, accessories, etc

  • Extra accessories can really add a lot of attitude to photography
  • Unique sunglasses or even normal glasses tend to add style and/or sophistication
  • We typically avoid using hats since were trying to showcase your dreadlocks, however sometimes hats can add some style
  • Feel free to bring scarves, necklaces, and other accessories as well

How to schedule your free photography shoot

To schedule your free photo shoot simply reach out to the Loctician you’re scheduling with or let us know you’re interested in a shoot when you submit our service form. Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Contact page here.

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