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Hal Ex

Dreadlock Central brings very detailed information on locs. I recently got starter locs at the salon. The salon told me for my next appointment that I must receive a curling treatment, which I was skeptical of. I made an appointment with Colby and after he completed my locs, I was convinced that salons have no idea that they're lacking information. I thought my journey began at the salon, but figured out a month later that it began with Dreadlock Central. My Spanish hair is locking quite well. I recommend to the fullest.

Chelsea Farrell

Dreadlock Central has been a life saver for my locs. I came to Hampton Roads, VA as a travel nurse and decided to relocate permanently, leaving my loctician in New York. After months of searching for someone to work on Caucasian hair in desperate need of maintenance, I found Dreadlock Central. Colby responded quickly and scheduled me for his next visit to the area in just a few weeks. I’ve had three appointments with him and/or Shaneese since and every time am amazed with the results. They’re amazing. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.

Gabriella A.

Cole came to my house at 11:30 am, was prompt if not early, and friendly from the beginning. We watched Ghost Adventures the entire day. She worked with diligence and skill and I felt very safe putting my hair in her hands as I endeavored to have a head of dreadlocks for the first time. She understood my visual wishes (tapered ends, less scalp visibility but managed to give me tight roots even so). It was a mostly painless process and was very relaxing. We had some good conversations while creating my dreadlocks which I truly appreciated. Dreadlock Central is a wonderful service, I love that they travel to the client when able. I highly recommend their services if you want to have perfect locs!

Alley Ramsey

Absolutely love my dreadlocks. Carlee did a phenomenal job. She is a pro. Not only did she answer all questions I had ( before , during and after) she also made it a absolutely positive expirence . Anyone that had dreads done, knows it takes quite some time to do them , with Carlee not a problem , time was flying I had a great time chatting with her . I also love the fact that my hair is being taken care off in my home, and I don’t have to fight traffic going to an appointment .

Casey Starshine

Carlee was awesome! She transformed my new, messy set of dreadlocks into neat, mature ones in the comfort of my own home. It's nice to finally feel like myself again after waiting 15 years to grow back my second set of dreadlocks!

Will Campbell

I had my locs done by Cole today and I must say my locs have never looked this good! She did an amazing job! My hair looks as good as it feels! Cole is mad cool super chill and we had a very good convo! I’ve definitely found my long term Loctician 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I highly recomend!

Miranda Robertson

My son is 6 years old and has a difficult time sitting through maintenance sessions; but Rick has always remained patient and very professional! He goes out of his way to make the process more tolerable, like allowing breaks, playing music, and holding conversation. I recommend Rick to anyone in the area!

Matthew S.

Traveled from NYC (to York, PA) since I was told they have someone who does wonders on dreads. Rick was able to clean up and tighten all 61 of my dreadlocks. They do all types of hair, friendly staff, and I’ll definitely be traveling back to get future dreadwork maintenance done here!

Emily Sinning

I am beyond thrilled to have found Dreadlock Central and will be looking nowhere else for my maintenance needs! Colby and Shaneese did fantastic work and the hours sped by in their company. They were incredibly professional, punctual, and happy to answer any and all questions I had (ones that aren't already thoroughly answered on the highly informative website that is). I know what it's like to drive several hours and even make a weekend trip just to have work done on my dreads. So now being in this area and able to have a loctician come directly to my home is a convenience that can't be overstated!

Lauren Brown

I just had a full install of locks (except bangs) by dreadlock central. I couldn’t be happier with my new locs. Colby and his team take the time to make sure you are getting what you want. I would recommend them to anyone looking to start their dread journey. Great experience!

Kaya Klein

Dreadlock Central is the way to go for optimal results with dreadlock installation. I'd been wanting dreads for such a long time but took my time researching methods and locticians because I knew I had to have it done correctly. From start to finish, I don't think I could possibly have had a better experience. Communication was swift and easy, in-home appointments made it super convenient, and I was given all the necessary information to care for my dreads post-appointment. I've been getting so many compliments on my new look, thanks to Colby's excellent work! I look forward to continuing with Dreadlock Central for all my maintenance needs and would definitely recommend to anyone needing dreadlock work!

Shelby Trinagel

The initial communication was incredibly professional and they responded in a timely manner, and managed to fit me in for an appointment at the perfect time. I was grateful for all of the information that was sent my way about preparing for my appointment. All of the resources that the Dreadlock Central website gave me access to really helped me become so much more knowledgeable about a hairstyle that I've been rocking for years.

When Colby arrived for my appointment, he was on time and very prepared. We had a really great conversation and I appreciated how passionate he is about his work in the dreadlock community. When he left, I felt confident about the way my locs looked, and I'm very excited to show them off at my friend's wedding!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dreadlock Central to anyone trying to get some maintenance, or trying to start fresh. These guys really have it down, they are so organized and personable and they do beautiful work. Thanks again Colby, looking forward to getting more work done in the future!

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