Dreadlock Wash Basin – Inflatable – Perfect for Soaking Dreads

✓ Comfortable Soak Experience
✓ Inflation Tested for 24 hours
✓ Inflatable and Convenient
✓ Strong Heavy Duty PVC
✓ Drain Hose Included


Soak in Comfort!

Soaking your Locs is often very awkward and uncomfortable for most people. Many people turn to makeshift solutions such as laying on a countertop or leaning over the sink. Not only is this Dreadlock Wash Basin convenient but it’s also VERY comfortable compared to the alternative. We recommend placing one towel under the wash basin, and rolling up one towel and placing it in front of the neck to help reduce overspill of water. We also find that it’s helpful to have another 1 or 2 towels within reach when soaking with this Dreadlock Wash Basin.


Wash Basin Inflation:

There are two standard inflation nozzles. Each nozzle is used for each section which must be fully inflated along with sealing the drain plug before adding liquid. Inflation is relatively quick and simple by either blowing each section up manually, or using a small pump (not included).


Emptying the Wash Basin:

There is a convenient drain plug located in the bottom of the basin and a drain hose included to drain the water into a separate container such as a bucket for removal. Simply attach one end of the hose to the wash basin, then point the other end of the hose at your container of choice. Then pull the plug and let gravity take care of the rest! We recommend a quick rinse and wipedown after each use. We also recommend allowing the Dreadlock Wash Basin to dry completely before deflation and storage.


Wash Basin Deflation:

To deflate and store the wash basin all you have to do is open the air nozzles and compress, fold, reseal each nozzle, and then store it away until your next soak!


Deep Cleanse & Dread Detox:

This wash basin is PERFECT for soaking your dreadlocks! Our prefered use is for doing a Dread Cleanse. You can see this product featured in our Dreadlock Cleanse Guide Here!