Lazy Rogue Dreadlocks – Bohemian Human Hair Dread Extensions

If you’re looking for a very natural and bohemian look, these are the extensions for you! Made with genuine human hair with enough looseness to age and mature just like natural dreadlocks. Just be aware that they may be too loose and develop loops and zig-zags, so keep that in mind when ordering. Read more details in the description below.



• High Quality Human Hair
• Natural loops and zig-zags
• Easy for us to attach
• Beautiful natural appearance
• Curly Open Ends


• We’ve had experiences with some of these extensions that were too loose and barely holding together, this may require extra work on our part if you want us to tighten them during your appointment
• If you want the extensions to be tighter and/or avoid crazy loops from forming, we recommend making that request with your order
• Premium price for premium hair – can be expensive


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