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NYC / NJ / Long Island

Colby’s Story

Colby is the founder and owner of Dreadlock Central primarily serving NYC. He’s had dreadlocks three separate times himself and has gone through some pretty serious problems early on. Learning from his mistakes he began to educate himself to understand dreadlocks as best as he could. He quickly learned that there is a whole community of people who are having their own problems and used his new found skills to serve others. Now after thousands of appointments with clients in 10 different states and high profile clients such as NFL players in the Baltimore Ravens Colby is reaching even more people by training the Locticians on his team and building this website to share all of his insights and knowledge.

Colby’s Reviews

Colby’s Work:

Dreadlock Repair for all hair types and all problems
Dreadlock Extension Before and After for Caucasian Hair
Dreadlock Repair for Interlocking Problems in Caucasian Hair
Dreadlock Repair by Splitting Congos

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