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Rick’s Story

Rick and Colby have been friends for almost a decade, and after many talks about business and life they decided it was time to work together. As a professional barber, Rick works at a modern and professional barber shop in Downtown York, PA. Though Rick has never had dreadlocks himself he’s been fully trained by Dreadlock Central and is fully skilled in The Crochet Method and Instant Loc methods for all hair types. In-home dreadlock appointments can be made with Rick on Sunday’s and Monday’s, and appointments can be made in the shop Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. However Thursday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s are the busiest days in the shop and are unavailable for dreadlock appointments.

Rick’s Reviews

Rick’s Work:

Dreadlock Repair
Caucasian Dreadlock Installation
Caucasian Partial Installation
Dreadlock Root Maintenance Before and After
Root Maintenance
Splitting Dreadlock Before and After
Dreadlock Separation
Dreadlock Installation Before and After
Latino Installation
Sectioning Clean-up

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