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Training Program


please do not inquire about training with us

Join Our Team and become a Dreadlock Specialist!

Train and join our team of Dreadlock Specialists to earn a high hourly rate and live an exciting lifestyle by serving our awesome clients. Achieve all of this with endless professional support, automated intake of new clients, and the trust of the Dreadlock Central brand!

Benefits of Joining our Team:

✓ Train with experienced professionals
✓ Start at a high hourly rate
✓ Create your own raise
✓ Set your own schedule
✓ Travel and meet interesting people
✓ Instant access to intake of new clients
✓ Part of a team of passionate professionals
✓ Automated Turn Key Business Solutions
– All you have to do is quote, schedule, and track the clients you serve


We are only training individuals who are interested in joining our team and serving our clients. Established salons and stylists will not be considered. We will train you with no prior experience!

Meet your Professional Dreadlock Trainer

COLBY /// founder

Dreadlock Experience

Personal Dreadlock Experience – I’ve had dreadlocks three times personally and have gone through most of the problems our clients go through before they come to us. I was forced to learn how to work with dreadlocks in straight hair in order to create my own professional looking dreadlocks.

Experience with Clients – I have served thousands of appointments in dozens of cities across 11 different states fixing up dreadlocks in ALL hair types. Some of our most interesting clientele include NFL players, musicians, artists, business owners, etc.

Future Plans

Over the last couple of years I’ve refined and focused my business skills and energy into Dreadlock Central. I’m highly dedicated to continual growth and expansion for the Dreadlock Central brand. My goal is to “do Dreadlocks right” and expand to help as many people as possible. By joining our team you will be contributing to that vision by helping us reach more clients that are seeking our help. In addition to serving clients I am focusing on developing safe and effective products, highly detailed and science backed educational content, and a highly searchable and functional online resource for everyone’s dreadlock needs!

Get a massive jump start on your Dreadlock Career

From Dreadlock Methods to Dreadlock Marketing I’ve learned what it takes to build a successful Dreadlock Business. I’ve gone through all the trouble of building this business from the ground up so that you don’t have to spend years of trial and error like I did. Our training program gives you a massive jump start serving clients – in just one month you’ll easily learn what took me years of hard work to develop!

What I’ve learned over the years:

  • How to professionally crochet dreadlocks
  • How to fix just about any dreadlock situation
  • How to work with ALL hair types and ethnicities
  • How to earn client trust and put them at ease
  • How to market our services in just about any city
  • How to automate and simplify intake of clients
    (instead of spending hours communicating)
  • The important things that clients are seeking
  • How to sell them on the idea of working with us
  • How to take good photos of the work being done
  • The products that work and the ones that don’t
  • And so much more…
Dreadlock Repair and Extension Installation
Straight Hair Dreadlocks Maintenance in Brooklyn

Earn an honest living and give yourself your own raise!

The payout for doing this type of work will vary quite a bit. However, with enough experience you’ll be earning a high hourly rate while doing work that is very rewarding.

We’ve created this simple table to outline an example of your potential income vs. time required. The numbers outlined here are based on the base price each client will be charged and does not include tips or commissions. Dreadlock Central will retain 19% commission for the work you do, but you’ll also charge each client a travel fee and you’ll also receive tips from clients which are both exempt from commissions.

The following table represents an estimated hourly rate based on your experience. The first column includes each progressive month of clients you’ll serve, second is the expected hourly rate based on your speed, and third is the amount of hours it would take to earn $3,000 per month based on the hourly rate.

Month Expected
Hours to
reach $3K
per month
1 (training)n/an/a
Month 2/3$20/hour150 hours
Month 4/5$25/hour120 hours
Month 6$30/hour100 hours
Month 7$35/hour85 hours
Month 8$40/hour75 hours
Month 9$45/hour66 hours
Months 10+$50/hour60 hours

As your speed increases, so does your hourly rate. Joining our team and serving clients will require a significant investment of time and effort upfront, but as time progresses that investment will pay off. With enough time and experience you’ll be earning a significantly higher amount per hour resulting in having more time to either serve more clients and earn even more money or enjoy other aspects of your life!

What you get by training and working with us

Not only do we give you hands on training with professional techniques, but we are also giving you everything you need to run your own dreadlock business including access to our exclusive team members area, our database app, and the trust of the Dreadlock Central brand.

Terms and Conditions

Please open and read each section in full before filling out our Application Form

I (Colby, the owner) will be personally meeting with all candidates that I feel may be a good possibility.

Our goal is to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

We’re sure you understand the importance of being selective. We must be confident that you’ll be a great addition to our team.

Our legally binding contract includes a confidentiality agreement to protect our clients information, a non-compete agreement and an agreement to pay the monthly commission for all the dreadlock work you do.

A signed contract is required upfront before payment.

The training fee is $2,975. This payment will cover the pre-training, hands on training, and post-training content within your 30 day training period. Upon completion of training this payment will also give you full access to our mobile database. Full payment of the training fee is is required upfront before any training begins.

Dreadlock Central will collect 19% commission for all dreadlock work done by you as a fully trained Dreadlock Central Loctician. The commission fee is only applicable to the base price each client is charged. Therefore, any tips or additional travel fees are yours to keep! You are required to track and report the payment for every appointment you complete starting from day one.

The monthly commission is collected for the following reasons:

  • All marketing and client acquisition is done by Dreadlock Central providing you with clientele at your fingertips
  • To offset costs for digital services allowing our database and automatons to function
  • Overhead cost of web development and search engine optimization which is our best asset to acquiring new clients
  • Continual access to our database including client intake, templates, scheduling, sorting, reporting income, etc
  • Ongoing support and advice from the entire Dreadlock Central team – contact us at any time for any question you may have
  • Being included in the Dreadlock Central brand which gives you an incredibly high trust factor and professionalism that takes years to develop independently
  • Hiring consultants for additional improvements to the brand – for example we’re currently working with a cosmetic chemist to further clarify which ingredients are good and bad for dreadlocks
  • Extra revenue and profits are reinvested to build and expand the Dreadlock Central brand – for example our main project right now is developing a healthy dreadlock shampoo line

Upon signature of contract and full payment of training fee we will begin pre-training at a date we mutually agree upon. Pre-training consists of the following:

  • Backcombing and palm rolling
  • Introduction to the crochet method
  • Creating extensions from scratch
    • Extensions with Kinky Afro hair
    • Extensions with Curly hair
    • Extensions with Straight hair
  • Creating sections
    • Brick Pattern
    • Fish Scale Pattern
    • Triangle Patterns
    • Diamond Grid
  • One-on-one discussions
    • Methods
    • Hair Types
    • Problems and Solutions
    • And so much more

This training is completely personalized and we will review and refine your work as you go working on any areas that need improved.

In addition to the hands on part of the pre-training you will also be required to read every article and every FAQ item on our website to further educate you. This is a free resource to the public so you can do this at anytime leading up to our training. There will be a test involved for us to be confident that you have a good understanding of this information.

Once you’re proficient with the pre-training objectives we will begin serving clients. I will personally be training you serving on one client at a time. Depending on the service area and workload I may train a second apprentice along side you. I will do my best to start with the easiest sessions, then progress to more advanced work. I will also do my best to diversify the hair types that we work with. I can only control some of the diversity of our clients because it depends on what type of work comes in at any given time.

Some jobs are very rare and are likely to not be included in the training period, such as splitting congos or combining dreadlocks. For these rare appointments a specialist from our team will make a special trip to train you on the situation.

For the hands on part of your training you’ll gain experience with the following situations on real life clients:

  • Basic Root maintenance
  • New Installations / General Tightening
  • Installing Dreadlock Extensions
  • Advanced Root maintenance
  • Advanced Dreadlock Repair
    • Fixing Fuzz
    • Closing ends
    • Pulling in Loops
    • Thickening Thin Dreadlocks
    • Dealing with a thinning scalp
  • Plus any other situation we come across

For all appointments in which you are being trained, the payment from the client will be split evenly between all parties involved. For example, if a single apprentice is being trained and a single trainer is doing the training the split will be 50/50 – if two apprentices are being trained by two trainers the split will be 25/25/25/25. Of course each situation varies and these terms are subject to change based on circumstances and agreements prior to each appointment if necessary.

Post training consists of the following:

  • Personal training for rare types of work not covered in the main training period
  • Initial coaching for quoting time and price for the clients you will be contacting
  • Further coaching and answering your questions throughout your time with us
  • Personal meetups to check in with you throughout your time on our team
  • Using all of the features in our mobile database outlined in the next section

Our client database is a highly organized system that allows us to do our work very efficiently by sorting, organizing, and tracking our client list of over 1,475 people (as of April 2020). Our database includes the following:

Fully automated client intake system

  • We attract new clients – the client reads website and fills out intake form
  • New submissions populate the intake section of our database automatically
  • Contact info for a each submission is imported to your phone automatically

View necessary clientele information

  • Client Status
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Service Request
  • Hair type
  • Photos
  • And much more

Quoting, Scheduling, & Organization

  • Insert and track Custom Details, Time Quotes, Price Quotes, and more..
  • Set and change status of a client as available, tentatively scheduled, or scheduled
  • Create different “trips” to organize your appointments and clients

Sorting and Searching Client Information

  • City
  • State
  • Name

Detailed and highly efficient templates

  • Client quote templates
  • Requesting photos from client templates
  • Following up for review templates
  • Various responses to common questions

Tracking revenue – keep track of:

  • Client Payment
  • Additional Tips
  • Travel Fees
  • Split Percentages
  • Commission Calculated Automatically
  • Monthly Summaries Updated Automatically

You are free to choose how much or how little you work as long as all of our clients are being served.

As a Loctician you can choose to do this as a weekend job that you only do on Saturdays and Sundays, or it can be an afternoon job that you do after your 9-5, or you can take this on full time if the workload is there. Whatever you wish!

This type of work is great to supplement with other gigs or side jobs, but if you want to take it on full time you’re more than welcome to do so as long as all of our clients are being served and the rest of our team has enough of a workload to satisfy their needs.

In this section I will outline a few things you should be aware of if you join our team.

Our client intake and workload does fluctuate for various reasons and is greatly dependent on the market in your area and how well we rank in Google for your area. With that being said we cannot guarantee a specific income or workload for you, nor can we guarantee that it will be consistent month over month.

This is being brought to your attention so that you are fully aware of what is involved. We don’t want to lead you to believe once you finish training with us that you’ll instantly be making a full time income. This is more of a part time gig with the potential to expand to your own full time business under the Dreadlock Central brand.

You should expect to easily earn back the training amount of $2,975 within two independent months working with us. Just starting out our newly trained Locticians should expect to earn approximately $20-30 per hour. Once the Loctician is fully trained and reasonably experienced, their speed increases which typically results in a $40-50+ per hour payout, plus tips! You shouldn’t expect the total monthly income level to be very high compared to a stable full time job, but you’ll be working FAR fewer hours at a much higher hourly rate, you’ll set your own schedule, and you’ll be able to travel and meet very fun and interesting people who love their dreadlocks just as much as you do!

This is the perfect situation for a college student, or someone with a current side gig, or someone with low monthly expenses. It’s also perfect for the “outside-the-box” type of person looking to avoid the 9-5 life. If you’re looking for something very stable and predictable with a set monthly income this opportunity might not be the right fit for you.

As you can see we are providing you with an incredible amount of material. Not only are we giving you all of the knowledge and wisdom from years of experience fixing any dreadlock problem with any hair type with the crochet method, but you’ll also get everything you need to run your own mini dreadlock business with the trust, credibility, and professionalism that comes with the Dreadlock Central brand.

To apply please continue to the end of this page to open our application form. If you have any further questions please ask in your form submission.