A salon told me to do x, y, and z. Should I take their advice?

In most cases, no.

African American salons – Typically these salons only have experience with kinky hair types and twisting or interlocking methods. All of which are not effective for any hair type that is not kinky. Therefore, if your hair is not kinky or if your hair is kinky but you use the crochet method we HIGHLY recommend NOT taking any advice from this type of salon.

Other salons – When a stylist is trained in cosmetology school there is practically zero training for dealing with dreadlocks, so most salons just make stuff up or they watch a video on YouTube and just wing it thinking they know what they’re doing. Typically the stylist will act confident in what she’s doing but it’s just for show. I’ve heard so many stories just like this from clients and it’s quite frustrating to be honest.

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