Can I trust a regular salon to do my maintenance?

99% of the time we would say no.

The only exception to this statement would be if you have Kinky Afro hair and you visit an African American salon that is experienced with dreadlocks. However, all other hair types including mixed races often have terrible problems after going to an African American salon for dreadlock maintenance.

There are several problems with regular salons and dreads. Our main concern is that there is practically zero training on dreadlocks in Cosmetology school, therefore stylists have to rely on self education in the hopes of being reasonably competent. That leads to the second problem, most stylists rarely ever get clients with dreadlocks so when they get the opportunity they tend to act incredibly confident and just “wing it” and usually do something ridiculous like tying a giant knot in your dreadlock (yes we’ve had several clients that have experienced this). The last main point is that some stylists don’t even care about the client and they just want paid, so they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you in their chair, some stylists flat out lie to the client. We’re not making this stuff up, we hear it all the time.

We’re not trying to bash normal salons or stylists, it’s just that we’ve heard so many stories from our clients who have had these exact experiences over and over again and we hate seeing people being taken advantage of in this way.

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