How long will I have to go through the awkward phase with dreadlocks?

The awkward phase varies significantly in severity and length of time and is influenced by hair type, installation and maintenance methods, and the products you use.

With the twist and rip, backcomb, palm rolling, and free form methods you will experience the greatest severity and length of time dealing with the awkward phase. Typically around 6-12 months.

With twisting you will experience loose dreadlocks due to the fact that your hair is simply twisted and not actually locked up initially. The products used while twisting are important to hold the twist in place however they reduce the locking ability in many cases. Typically around 6-12 months.

With the crochet method the only awkwardness you’ll deal with is some fuzziness with certain hair types. But the crochet method is the most effective method to reduce or even eliminate the awkward phase. Typically 0-3 months, with proper maintenance.

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