Should I retwist for maintenance?

We do not support the retwist method in general, and we highly recommend avoiding the retwisting for all hair types that are not Afro hair (this includes mixed race hair types).

Retwisting is terribly ineffective for all hair types that are not Afro Kinky. Even with Afro Dreads, retwisting is a very poor choice in our opinion because there is often an overuse of product which suffocates your scalp, the product is often a pH that isn’t healthy for your scalp, the product is likely lead to sebum buildup, it doesn’t allow you to wash your hair until your next retwist, and traction alopecia (temporary balding) is all too common with this method. Although it may work for many African American clients at forming dreadlocks there are so many unhealthy drawbacks to the method that we completely discourage it and highly recommend the crochet method instead.

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