What is Twisting/A Retwist?

Twisting and/or re-twisting is a dreadlock maintenance method which involves twisting the root of each dreadlock, applying moulding gel, clipping the dread (so it does not untwist) and allowing the gel to dry.

This method is widely used in Salons that specialize in African American dreadlocks. The pros are that it’s easy to find a Salon to retwist your dreadlocks, the cons are that it only works for kinky hair types and no other hair type, there may be a heavy use of product, you cannot wash your dreadlocks or swim because the gel will dissolve and the twist will come undone, and if you retwist too often you may end up with traction alopecia (aka temporary balding).

“It looks like your locs are due for a re-twist.”

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