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Avoid the hassle of dying your extensions with these custom pre-dyed Multi-Color Ombre Loc Extensions made with 100% Human Hair. Our extensions are strong, tight, realistic and will never unravel!

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Loc Extension Color Chart

Virgin Hair
Select this option if you intend to do your own custom hair dying. Virgin Hair also gives you the most natural color.

#1 – Jet Black
This color is only recommended if you actively dye your roots black.

#1b – Natural Black
Natural black is not as deep as Jet Black resulting in a much more natural tone. We highly recommend this color over Jet Black in most scenarios.

#2 – Darkest Brown
This dark brown is great for matching hair that is naturally lightened by the sun.

#4 – Dark Brown
A nice dark chocolate brown with a slightly lighter tone compared to your Natural Black or Dark Brown hair color.

#30 – Auburn Brown
Our Auburn Brown color provides you with a warm medium brown tone.

#99j – Wine Red
Add some sass to your Ombre Loc Extensions with our Wine Red option.

#27 – Honey Blonde
Give your Ombre Loc Extensions that extra “pop” with blonde tips. By using this color you’ll get that lightened color look without worrying about damaging your extensions with bleach.

Each Multi-Color Ombre Extension is created with a smooth gradient transition between the two colors you select. If you desire a hard contrast instead of a smooth gradient, or you want an extra smooth transition you can select those options when customizing your order below.

The ratio for each color is also customizable with your options in 10% increments. For example, if you place an order with 14″ Loc Extensions and request the Base Color 70% / Tip Color 30% you’ll receive each extension with approximately 9.8″ (70%) of your base color which is the open end – and approximately 4.2″ (30%) of your tip color which is the closed end.

DISCLAIMER: The color transition will be vague and will vary between each Loc Extension. These percentages are rough guidelines for our creation process. However, slight inconsistencies and variations will result in a more natural look.

Please allow for minor imperfections and slight variations with your Ombre Loc Extension orders. These small bumps and imperfections are very subtle yet create a much more realistic and natural feeling and looking dreadlock that will fool even the experts into believing they’re your real and natural hair!

the following recommendations are based on the amount typically needed for a full head

5-6mm (straw size) order 130-160
7-8mm (#2 pencil size) order 100-120
9-10mm (pen size) order 80-100
⚠️ No longer offering 9-10mm ⚠️

Our ombre loc extensions are created with two end types:

The open end is left frayed out for easy permanent attachment via Latch Hooking or The Crochet Method.

The closed end is rounded off and thoroughly tightened to give you a more dense and solid tip. This helps weigh the end down and completely eliminate any chances of unraveling.

If you desire a shorter length after your Ombre Loc Extensions are installed you can simple cut them shorter to your desired length. Each extension is thoroughly tightened to be very secure without any chances of unraveling, even when cutting them shorter! To avoid a “flat” cut look we recommend cutting on an angle, then palm rolling the tip, then cutting the small excess hair left from the tip. This typically results in a natural look instead of the blunt, flat cut off look.

We only use Virgin and 100% Human Hair for our custom Multi-Color Ombre Extensions! Virgin hair is completely unprocessed and dyeable, whereas Human Hair is typically processed for each color you choose. Each hair type is suited perfectly for high quality natural Loc Extensions.

Click here for 100% Virgin Afro Loc Extensions!

* We guarantee 100% permanent attachment for all Afro Loc Extensions purchased AND installed by us with proper aftercare. There’s absolutely no chance your extensions will come apart, but if it should detach we will repair it for you absolutely free of charge!

* Our guarantee applies only if you work solely with us AND follow our aftercare guidelines – we cannot guarantee any work done by anyone outside of our team of professionals

Total processing time is typically 7-10 days from payment to delivery within the continental United States!

However, all orders are custom “made-to-order” and sometimes we’re very busy with other orders and our clients. There may be times when our processing times may be a bit longer than expected. Please be patient while we process your order!

We’ve added an appointment date entry field to our order form so you can tell us exactly when the deadline for your order must be delivered. We will do everything we can to get your Ombre Loc Extensions to you by the date you provide as long as it is more than 7 days from the date the order is placed.

Included with every order of extensions to cover the entire purchase amount for your order plus an additional $200 to help cover down payments and other charges that may occur as a result of not receiving your order.

Your tracking number will be emailed to you upon shipment. Please be patient as it may take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to initially update in the system.

Optional upon delivery and recommended if you expect any issues with theft of packages in your neighborhood. You can request a required signature by including a message in our order form as simple as saying “include signature”

We offer full refunds for any order that has not yet been started.

For any order that has been started we will refund you the amount for the work that has not been done – the completed Loc Extensions will be delivered to you if you choose. For example: If you order 100 extensions and 25 are made by the time you request a refund, you will be refunded 75% of your order price – then we will ship you the 25 that have been created if you chose.

There are absolutely zero refunds for any completed orders. The only exception is if we made a mistake and created a length, thickness, or color that doesn’t match the selections you made when you placed your order.

Why don’t we offer full refunds for partial or completed orders?
When you place an order for these Human Hair Loc Extensions you’re basically hiring us to do freelance creative work as a “custom handmade service”. We put a lot of pride and blood, sweat, and tears into creating these sets of Loc Extensions which are made specifically for your needs. Therefore, we expect to be paid for the hard work we do and we appreciate your respect for that work!

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